American Life

A modern approach to the insurance value chain.

The insurance industry is archaic; Midwest is here to help. We are a unique cross disciplinary team of insurance, technology and investment professionals building innovative businesses at the intersection of insurance and technology. Our mission is to advance the insurance value chain with technology and services that reduce cost, increase value, and provide a better experience for our partners and customers.

Our Businesses

We bridge the knowledge gap between insurance, technology and investing to build cutting-edge solutions for the insurance industry. Our fresh approach combined with our cross disciplinary team enables us to drive innovation. Because we are our own first customer, we can truly provide the end-to-end solutions that our customers need.

m.pas is Midwest’s fully cloud-based Policy Administration Solution. As a licensed TPA, we provide straight-through innovation and custom end-to-end policy administration infrastructure, to launch new products in months, not years.

1505 is an SEC-registered investment advisor. We are building unparalleled risk-management technology designed to implement innovative asset liability management solutions for ourselves and our clients.


Our goal is to create long-term value for our stakeholders through investment and innovation in the insurance value chain. We are invested in Midwest’s success and are committed to alignment and transparency with those who invest alongside us.